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The Sheriff of Nottinghham

The Sheriff of Nottinghham

Arcane Wonders

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An exciting game of bluffing, bribery, and smuggling!

The Sheriff of Nottingham is a game where players take on the roll of merchants trying to bring their goods to market.  The problem in Nottingham is not all goods are considered legal, and in order to make the most profit, may need to smuggle questionable goods Into the city.  Each round players take turns playing the Sheriff.  All other players pack their bags, and declare goods they wish to bring into the city. They don't need to be honest, and they can blatantly lie about what they have in their bags.  It's up to the Sheriff to decide who is telling the truth and who is secretly trying to smuggle in contraband goods into Nottingham.  They player who successfully brings in the most goods without being 'taxed' by the Sheriff wins the game!

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