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Number Ninjas

Number Ninjas


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Ninjas prepare to be challenged! The Golden Dragon has been discovered and you must be the first to reach its location. To reach the ancient artifact, each ninja will have to travel through four areas: a bamboo forest, an ancient Japanese village, the cave of elders and a koi pond. To move throughout these locations, ninja players roll one of two sets of dice and solve the number challenge rolled.

The skill level of each player determines which set of dice that ninja will use the basic set of dice includes addition and subtraction; the advanced set of dice includes addition, subtraction and multiplication. In each of the four locations, ninjas will solve a word challenge, once all four challenges have been successfully completed, the ninja player makes his way to the Golden Dragon and the win!

But don’t be fooled, the life of a ninja is never as easy as it looks, while moving throughout the lands other ninjas will try to trap you and block your way to the Golden Dragon, you must defend yourself while using your smarts and turn the traps on them!

The box includes: 3 Ninja Recruit dice, 3 ninja master dice, game board, 4 ninja pawns, 12 quest items, 3 traps, the Golden Dragon, 80 ninja challenge cards, and EASY to follow rules!

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