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Donut Drive-Thru

Donut Drive-Thru

Grail Games

  • 1895

How to play:

Players begin the game with one of the starting doughnut cards. These treats must be Prepared and then Served. Doing so will earn you tips - most tips wins the game!

On a player's turn, they must either place doughnut pieces on an action card (thereby taking an action), or take doughnuts back off an action card. Usually, using two doughnut pieces to take an action will give players a bonus! Keep in mind that placing doughnuts can block other players from using action spaces :)

Once a recipe card has been Prepared and Served, it gives the baker Recognition! Flip the card over to show this.

Now, completed recipes can add to your abilities by increasing the results of your die rolls (required to Prepare and Serve.)

It's a race - once a player has Served 5 recipe cards, the game will end. Then, whoever has the highest amount of tips on their Served cards will win! The game also comes with a Baker card for each player which gives a special ability to you for the entire game.


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