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Frequently Asked Questions

Is shipping free?  No, shipping sadly isn't free, I have yet to perfect my transporting technology.  So far I've only been able to send cupcakes successfully, and even then they come out with gravy instead of icing.

How much is shipping?  Shipping is only 9 dollars.  For that small fee, you get an awesome game direct to your home, without leaving the house. Its like having your own minion working for you!   How amazing is that?

Why don't you offer free shipping?  Again, nothing worth having is free.  I have the cost for shipping separate from the price of the games in order to offer the best possible product price to you.  It's up to you to decide if the additional cost to ship it to your door is worth avoiding driving all over, finding a parking space, searching through multiple stores, standing in line, switching to a faster line, moving back to the first line because the checkout closed in front of you, forgetting your PIN, paying with change because you forgot your wallet, getting bit by a monkey, finding your car in the parking lot,  getting stuck in a traffic jam, and finally getting home to find out you left your game back at the store, when you could have bought online.

What is local pickup?  Local pickup is the way for you to save the cost of having your game shipped to you.  Local pickups are within Georgetown only..  Choose this option from the shipping methods when checking out, and make sure to include a cell number or email address you can be reached at.  Once your order is placed, I will contact you to arrange for pickup.  I'm home most evenings and weekends, it's that easy!