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Duck, Duck Safari

Duck, Duck Safari

Ape Games

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"Ducktor Livingstone, I presume?"

duck! duck! SAFARI! takes rubber ducky gaming into the tropics. Inside this bulging box of fun you will find the famous jungle explorer Ducktor Livingstone, five safari animal duckies and all the pieces for FIVE original and exciting games.

Presume an evening of fun.

These five games are carefully selected to range in complexity, duration and number of players so safari expeditions of all ages and sizes will find something wild to explore!

duck! duck! SAFARI! comes with Ducktor Livingstone and five other jungle animal duckies.

Five different games means always having the right game - no matter the age or number of players!

Safari Sprint - Pick your ducky and let the races begin! Leap forward and shove the other duckies back: just make sure you're in front when the race ends! 3-5 players, 6+

Hi-Lo Hijinks - Play a card on the pile - if it's a match, you're good, but if it isn't, you take the whole pile! Every card you take counts against you, unless you have the most. So if you've got to take cards, go for broke! 2-4 players, 8+

Animal Hunt - The animals are all mixed up. Can you find the twins? Reunite the most pairs and you're the winner! An exciting kids game that captures the spirit of the classics "Concentration" and "Go Fish". 2-3 players, 6+

Savannah - Help the animals spread over the savannah in this puzzling game of matching sets. Find the unplayable spaces to earn a bonus. Once the savannah is full, earn even more points clearing it again! 2-3 players, 8+

Herds - Everybody likes to hang out with their friends. In the animal world, that means making herds! Can you put the zebras with the zebras and the lions with the lions? This rummy-style game offers all kinds of twists! 2-4 players, 10+

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