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EXIT: The Game - The Haunted Rollercoaster

EXIT: The Game - The Haunted Rollercoaster


  • 1770

EXIT: The Game - The Haunted Rollercoaster is a complete escape room in a box for 1 to 6 players.

Fancy a ride at the fair on the ghost train? Of course — but what if this ride suddenly stops and you become trapped in the scenery? Then it's time to start working with your fellow passengers to escape this place of horror as quickly as possible. Exit: The Game – The Haunted Roller Coaster is particularly suited for novice riddlers as an introduction to this series of escape room games.

In EXIT: The Game – The Haunted Rollercoaster, players must use their team spirit, creativity, and powers of deduction to crack codes, solve puzzles, collect objects, and earn their freedom bit by bit.  

This is a one time use game experience.

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