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Play With Your Kids

Posted by Adam Huisman on

You no doubt have a closet full of family games you've collected over the years. Most people will agree that board games were a memorable part of their childhood, and maybe you still own your treasured copy of Monopoly, Guess Who, or Clue. Board games teach us how to follow rules, take turns, and become good sports whether we win or lose. Games are a great tool for helping develop strategic and creative thinking. The best part about games is that they are made to be fun!

A great way to connect as a family is by playing games with them. Unplug your device, clear off the table and open a box. Board games have exploded in popularity in the last 40 years, which means staples like Monopoly have competition. Every year awards are given out all over the world for all sorts of categories of games. From family friendly games, to trick taking card games, to dexterity games, to party games; your new family game night favourite list is about to grow significantly.  

Slow down and make amazing family memories that will last a lifetime by treating yourself to a game with family or friends.  Where can you get one of these amazing games?  Visit my online board game store at  Overwhelmed or don't know where to start?  Contact me for help or recommendations at

Life is fun. Play games.


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