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The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

Posted by Adam Huisman on

If you are anything like me, you find history fascinating.  Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations were creating these huge monuments with nothing more then crude tools and the sweat of their backs.  Imagine sailing your ship into the harbour underneath the Colossus of Rhodes, standing before the Statue of Zeus in Greece, or navigating by the light from the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt.  Sadly, only the Great Pyramid in Giza has survived to our current time, the rest of these great wonders have been lost to the ages.  But just because the originals no longer exist, doesn't mean you can't enjoy constructing your own Wonder today.

In 7 Wonders, players choose which Wonder to build, which also doubles as their play mat. During each of the three ages, players are dealt a hand of cards. All players choose a card from their hand, and play it in front of them immediately and simultaneously. Some of the cards are additional resources to help your civilization advance. Some cards increase your military strength to help you overpower your neighbours, while other cards are used later to help increase your victory point total at the end of the game. After playing a card, remaining cards are passed to your neighbour on the left. Want to keep a certain card out of their hands? You can also choose to bury a card under your play mat to help you construct your Wonder. Missing resources to advance? You can pay players on either side of you coins for the privilege of using their resources. The way cards are passed switches for each of the three rounds, so you will need to keep an eye on your neighbours progress.

7 Wonders plays quickly as all players are choosing and playing cards to add in front of them at the same time. This game also plays great with 7 players without adding any additional play time.

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