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What's your favourite game?

Posted by Adam Huisman on

I came from a large family, and one of the great things about that was our large collection of games.  One of my early favourites was The Omega Virus.  This game was a high tech electronic marvel.  You moved your player through rooms in a space station, entering them by inputting three digit codes. You collected equipment to help you battle an evil computer virus that had taken over the station.  One of the best parts was when the Virus would actually taunt you with phrases like 'You human scum' and  'You Fools!'  This game got plenty of use in my family, to this day we quote phrases said by the game.  

We all have a game we loved to play growing up, what was yours?

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  • My favourite game played with friends growing up was Zombies! It’s a build the board game where you try to escape the town while fighting off Zombies. You could either work with or against the other players. The randomised build the board part created endless replayability. Sooo much fun!

    Joel on

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