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The Enchanted Tower

Posted by Adam Huisman on

So Christmas is over, we celebrated New Years.  Now what do we look forward to?  We have Family Day, but Feburary is months away, and whose bright idea was it to give everyone a day off at the height of winter?  More than likely we would be snowed in anyways.  

In case you were looking for something more tangible to look forward to, I present The Enchanted Tower.  This is a unique game for kids, where you play as either the prince who is trying to free the princess of the tower, or as the wizard that's trying to prevent her freedom. The game is a bit like hide and seek, as the wizard hides the key secretly, and the price moves around the board trying to find it.  The wooden pawn has a magnet inside its base, so when the prince finds the key, he really picks it up!  But it's not over yet, as the prince still needs to pick one of the six locks to free the princess from her peril.

Lots of replay value, and you can switch the roles around if your little princess wants to free the prince instead!  Check out this game and more at

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